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Advertising on Social Experience

Social Experience is one of the biggest social networks in the UK with high search engine rankings.With regular activity and members from all over the world. This has built a online community of regular users that stay with the site and this community is growing daily. The Social Experience website serves many visitors a month and can help you target your advertisements to specific audiences.

Advertising Schemes available

Below is a list of all the advertising schemes available.

Have your business and brand name in a skyscraper style advert on the right hand side of the website. There are many campaigns available for this advertising scheme, the first is to have a particular audience for your banner, the second is to have your banner displayed to all users of the website.

Advert Scheme Rates

  • 1. Side banner shown to a specific audience - £50 per year
  • 2. Side banner show to everyone - £100 per year

Full Page Advertisements and Marketing Campaigns

Social Experience work very closely with a local website development and marketing company. There are many options available to aid the brand awareness of your business or product.

Please contact us for more information about our bespoke advertising campaigns.


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